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What's New:

2013-14 Teams

PCHA Events

Updated Oct. 20th.

2013 Events

2013/14 Medals

"A" Teams

Min. Novice Gold (PC20): Silver

Novice Gold (PC030): Bronze

Min. Atom A (PC040): Gold

Minor Peewee A (PC060): Bronze

Midget A Sr. (PC111): Silver

"HL" Teams

Min. Novice Red (PC021): Gold

Min. Novice Red (PC022): Silver

Min, Novice Green (PC025): Silver

Novice Red (PC031): Bronze

Novice White 2 (PC033): Gold

Min. Atom Red (PC042): Silver

Min. Atom Red (PC041): Bronze

Min. Atom White (PC043): Bronze

Min. Atom Blue (PC044): Gold

Min. Atom Green (PC045): Bronze

Atom Green (PC052): Sliver

Min. Peewee White 1 (PC062): Bronze

Min. Peewee Blue 1 (PC063): Silver

Peewee Red (PC071): Silver

Peewee White (PC072): Bronze

Min. Bantam Green (PC083):Silver

Bantam White 2 (PC091): Silver

Min. Midget Blue (PC102): Silver

Midget Red (PC113): Gold

Midget White 1 (PC115): Gold

Midget Blue 2 (PC117): Silver


A League

2014 - 2015 Season Coaching Listing

Head Coach: Steve Borg - 416-420-2443
Team Name Yr. Team # Coach Primary # Alternate # Season / Playoffs
Minor Novice Gold 2007 PC020 Mark Filippone 416 999-6998 275-0650  
Novice Gold 2006 PC030 Chris Stevenson 416 258-2517    
Minor Atom A 2005 PC040 Rob Vetter 647 333-0515 625-9793  
Atom A 2004 PC050 Phil Wilson 905 270-6414 848-6136  
Minor Peewee A 2003 PC060 Dave Bowman 416 567-7307    
Peewee  A 2002 PC070 Steve Borg 416 420-2443 949-9974  
Minor Bantam A 2001 PC080 Chris Lamoureux 416 434-2464    
Bantam A 2000 PC090 Mike Sonsogno 647 992-5638 826-8774  
Minor Midget A 1999 PC100 Nelson Vieira 905-821-3890    
Midget A Jr 1998   Doug Houghton 416 569-9097 990-2295  
Midget A Sr 1997 PC120 No Entry      

House League

2014 -2015 Team Listing

Head Coach: David Neale
Division Yr. Convenor Team # Category Coach Sponsor Season / Playoffs
Minor Novice 2007 Chris Simpson PC021 Red John Ferren    
PC022 White Trevor Jackson    
PC023 White Bill Thompson    
PC024 Blue Chris Batte    
PC025 Green Al Simpson    
Novice 2006 Dale Bafaro PC031 Red Steve Murray    
PC032 Red Dean Mullett    
PC033 White Stefan Scheichl    
PC034 Blue Cory Schirripa    
PC035 Green Mario Matarrazzo    
Minor Atom 2005 Dave Neale PC041 Red Jason George    
PC042 Blue Shawn Widdifield    
PC043 Green Lee Burton    
Atom 2004 Ted Francis PC051 Red Jeff Little    
PC052 Red Dale Bafaro    
PC053 White Chris Tessaro    
PC054 Blue Steve Cline    
PC055 Blue Jim Bottoms    
Minor Peewee 2003 Tim Douglas PC061 Red Mike Smith    
PC062 White Roy Lougheed    
PC063 Blue Ryan Taylor    
Peewee 2002 Frank Candeloro PC071 Red Darin Wolter    
PC072 White Gord Manning    
PC073 Blue Jeff Ellis    
Minor Bantam 2001 Jeffrey Barkin PC081 Red Milan Mocan    
PC082 White John Gedney    
PC83 Blue Steve Crozier    
Bantam 2000 Dave Robinson PC091 White Enzo Ianno    
PC092 Blue Ted Francis    
Minor Midget 1999 Russell Dickens PC101 Red Arthur Sawa    
PC102 White George Takaki    
Midget 1997, 1998 Bart Martino PC112 Red Dan Daniels    
PC113 Red Steven Franks    
PC114 White Andy Babensee    
PC115 White Patrick Burke    
PC116 Blue Mike Kvasni    
PC117 Blue Paul Metlin    
PC118 White Paul Semak    
Juvenile 1994, 1995,
Jim Butler PC120 Red Fabio Pelaccia    
PC121 White Steave Moczerad    
PC122 White Dave Edwards    




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