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What's New:

2013-14 Teams

PCHA Events

Updated Oct. 20th.

2013 Events

2014/15 Medals

"A" Teams

Atom (PC050): Gold

Novice Gold (PC030): Gold

Midget Jr. (PC110): Gold

Min. Midget (PC0100): Silver

Min. Novice Gold (PC20): Bronze

Peewee (PC070): Bronze

Min. Bantam (PC080): Bronze

"HL" Teams

Min. Novice Red (PC021): Gold

Min, Novice Green (PC025): Gold

Novice Green (PC035): Gold

Min. Atom Blue (PC042): Gold

Atom Red (PC052): Gold

Min. Peewee Blue 2 (PC063): Gold

Min. Bantam Red (PC081): Gold

Min. Bantam Blue 1 (PC083): Gold

Min. Midget Blue (PC0102): Gold

Midget Red (PC0113): Gold

Juvenile Red (PC0120): Gold

Juvenile White (PC0122): Gold

Min. Novice White (PC023): Silver

Novice Red (PC031): Silver

Novice Blue (PC034): Silver

Min. Atom Red (PC041): Silver

Atom White (PC053): Silver

Peewee Blue 2 (PC073): Silver

Bantam Blue (PC092): Silver

Midget Blue 1 (PC0113): Silver

Min. Novice White (PC022): Bronze

Min. Novice Blue (PC024): Bronze

Min. Atom Green (PC043): Bronze

Atom Red (PC051): Bronze

Min. Peewee Red (PC061): Bronze

Min. Bantam White (PC082): Bronze


A League

2014 - 2015 Season Coaching Listing

Head Coach: Steve Borg - 416-420-2443
Team Name Yr. Team # Coach Primary # Alternate # Season / Playoffs
Minor Novice Gold 2007 PC020 Mark Filippone 416 999-6998 275-0650 1st /
Novice Gold 2006 PC030 Chris Stevenson 416 258-2517   1st /
Minor Atom A 2005 PC040 Rob Vetter 647 333-0515 625-9793 3rd /
Atom A 2004 PC050 Phil Wilson 905 270-6414 848-6136 1st /
Minor Peewee A 2003 PC060 Dave Bowman 416 567-7307   6th /
Peewee  A 2002 PC070 Steve Borg 416 420-2443 949-9974 4th /
Minor Bantam A 2001 PC080 Chris Lamoureux 416 434-2464   4th /
Bantam A 2000 PC090 Mike Sonsogno 647 992-5638 826-8774 6th /
Minor Midget A 1999 PC100 Nelson Vieira 905-821-3890   3rd /
Midget A Jr 1998   Doug Houghton 416 569-9097 990-2295 1st /
Midget A Sr 1997 PC120 No Entry     No Entry

House League

2014 -2015 Team Listing

Head Coach: David Neale
Division Yr. Convenor Team # Category Coach Sponsor Season / Playoffs
Minor Novice 2007 Chris Simpson PC021 Red John Ferren   2nd /
PC022 White Trevor Jackson   1st /
PC023 White Bill Thompson   2nd /
PC024 Blue Chris Batte   4th /
PC025 Green Al Simpson   1st /
Novice 2006 Dale Bafaro PC031 Red Steve Murray   2nd /
PC032 Red Dean Mullett   3rd /
PC033 White Stefan Scheichl   4th /
PC034 Blue Cory Schirripa   2nd /
PC035 Green Mario Matarrazzo   3rd /
Minor Atom 2005 Dave Neale PC041 Red Jason George   2nd /
PC042 Blue Shawn Widdifield   1st /
PC043 Green Lee Burton   3rd /
Atom 2004 Ted Francis PC051 Red Jeff Little   4th /
PC052 Red Dale Bafaro   1st /
PC053 White Chris Tessaro   1st /
PC054 Blue Steve Cline   1st /
PC055 Blue Jim Bottoms   5th /
Minor Peewee 2003 Tim Douglas PC061 Red Mike Smith   2nd /
PC062 White Roy Lougheed   5th /
PC063 Blue 2 Ryan Taylor   2nd /
Peewee 2002 Frank Candeloro PC071 Red Darin Wolter   4th /
PC072 White Gord Manning   1st /
PC073 Blue 2 Jeff Ellis   3rd /
Minor Bantam 2001 Jeffrey Barkin PC081 Red Milan Mocan   2nd /
PC082 White John Gedney   2nd /
PC83 Blue Steve Crozier   2nd /
Bantam 2000 Dave Robinson PC091 White Enzo Ianno   3rd /
PC092 Blue Ted Francis   3rd /
Minor Midget 1999 Russell Dickens PC101 White 2 Arthur Sawa   3rd /
PC102 Blue George Takaki   5th /
Midget 1997, 1998 Bart Martino PC112 Red Dan Daniels   1st /
PC113 Red Steven Franks   3rd /
PC114 Red Andy Babensee   6th /
PC115 White 1 Patrick Burke   6th /
PC116 Blue 1 Mike Kvasni   1st /
PC117 Blue 1 Paul Metlin   2nd /
PC118 Red Paul Semak   7th /
Juvenile 1994, 1995,
Jim Butler PC120 Red Fabio Pelaccia   1st /
PC121 Red     4th /
PC122 White Dave Edwards   1st /




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